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I have been a registered member for some time, but have not spent the time to do the Introductions.


I'm Alex, and we (our vehicles belong to our whole family) have had a Chev C8ax for a number of years (10 so far :-() and progress is a little slow.


We have now also acquired an MWC Bedford, that also needs some love, and my wife has a Corgi Folding Bike.


By day I am the ICT Manager for a Freight Forward and Logistics company in Christchurch NZ, and part of the reason for the slow restorations is there are two many hobbies, and not enough day.


We have 3 kids as well, so don't want to miss out on the quality time there as well, and I am still working on a way to blend all of the time together.


I have a few service rifles as well, and help out a friend with his artillery, as well as some re-enacting at local airshows, and combined with family, and a love of cycling and hunting and fishing, there is never enough time for everything, but we will get there :-)


My Father has an MB Jeep (Early Marines Jeep) and he has been rebuilding for over 30 years, so I have got some time before I have taken longer than him :-)


I am now in collecting mode for the MW, as have no motor or box, and bonnet panels are absent as well, along with a lack of the right hand fuel tank, and seats :-(


I look forward to catching up with some fellow Bedford owners, for information in the future, and hopefully will be able to show some progress in the not to distant future.




Photo of the MWC as recovered, still on the trailer.


I couldn't get the tank at this stage, as it's still being used on the farm I got the truck from, but have been promised the tank when they are finished with it :)



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