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Hi from 7159oliver

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hi, all new to this malarky, had a mid life crisis, went out and bought the obligatory 'soft top' - turned out to be a 1993 ex MOD canvas top LR Defender 90. Then this Sankey trailer hooked itself up to me and next thing I start talking about going to military vehicle shows, meeting like minded individuals and joining forums and associations.


As a crisis it might pass, then again i hope it doesn't. It is all together quite enjoyable.


I have also started referring to myself as a collector which i think means i need to buy more LRs. Certainly a LWT Series is on the list. I then see a 'Cipher Trailer' and think to myself, 'that would be nice'.


I look forward to learning and sharing.

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hi welcome to the forum mate i think youve caught it too , you need to go and see the doctor or the bank manager , the green bug ! :)


Thanks for your reply. 'The Green Bug'. I like that. I think i might have had it years when i think of it. I can see the need to see the bank manager!


I have some work to do on the Sankey, it is in good order, its just that someone fitted alloys and painted it 'Forest Green' not Nato Green. Despite the sacrilige ( not sure of spelling there ) it made it very reasonable.


Need to look at the electrics. It is running on a 12 Pin 'caravan' plug. I need to access some Nato wiring specs to convert it back.


i think that is where the forum will, help, answers to questions that i expect will have been asked already.

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