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M38 DOUGLAS Wiring Connectors- where to obtain?


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A neighbour came round today - he's restoring a rare M38 USAF Jeep and is having trouble locating wiring connectors.


He has a new harness with the original style (DOUGLAS or DOUGLASS?) bayonet connectors but does not have enough of the internal part of the connectors - a simple insulated collar into which each wire end pushes. Standard bullet connectors are wrong size.


Any ideas where he could get these? Needs around 12 - 15. They are 1" long, 3/8" o.d..


M38 Connector.jpg

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Unfortunately not, Lee - they are a specific size to fit the unusual connector. Apparently it is called a Douglas Waterproof Connector and was used on M38 and early M38A-1 jeeps. Both wires made up with male connectors and pushed into central female connector - the whole lot is held together by a two part male / female bayonet twist-lock case (shell) - the bit needed is the insulated female connector sleeve in the centre, see below:


Component parts:




One side assembled:




If the Harleston Engineering boys are looking, these are for Geoffrey (Whiskers) :-)

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I have all of the Douglas connector components, including the bakelite connectors, in stock here in Canada. Easy to ship. Generally the reproduction M-series harnesses do not come with the Bakelite connectors: they are hard to find in quantity and you are expected to use the connectors from your old harness. PM me for details and I can email a list of Douglas connector components.

.... Brian

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