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  1. I removed the cast unit from the output of the electric fuel pump. It was causing fuel blockage but after a soaking in carb cleaner overnight it became more obvious that it is a check valve to prevent back-flow of the fuel from the carb. I will treat it with suspicion and will remove it if it blocks-up again. I have also blocked the line that comes from the manual primer under the seat: with an electric fuel pump it is not necessary. Next problem: get the engine to run smoothly and consistently at idle. If anyone wants a photo of the original set-up for the double line input to the ele
  2. I too am puzzling the fuel lines. I have the Bendix electric pump and 2 lines feed into it using a double banjo fitting. I assume one line is direct from fuel tank and one comes from the manual primer under the seat. However on the outlet of the pump is a 4cm diameter casting that looks like it may be a pressure regulator. It has a small open vent line pointing downwards. Can I do away with this casting? Is it actually a pressure regulator or what does it do? My selection of Munga literature is slim and only shows the early mechanical fuel pump. Any advice?? Thanks, Brian in
  3. Hello Mungaman, my Munga has been put away for the winter and hard to get at to take photos of the pedal mechanism. Maybe when the weather gets better. Although I got it running OK I still am interested to know about the fuel line set-up and the purpose of the regulator fitting at the fuel pump. .. Brian
  4. I have all of the Douglas connector components, including the bakelite connectors, in stock here in Canada. Easy to ship. Generally the reproduction M-series harnesses do not come with the Bakelite connectors: they are hard to find in quantity and you are expected to use the connectors from your old harness. PM me for details and I can email a list of Douglas connector components. .... Brian
  5. I traced a fuel blockage on my Military Munga 4 to a round dome-shaped metal fitting at the electric fuel. It allows for the joining of the 2 fuel supply lines from the tank into the fuel pump. It is referred to in one manual as "diaphragm, reserve valve". I removed it to investigate the blockage: even after cleaning I could not blow through it but could force air through it with a compressed air line. I may have freed something up since the Munga runs now. My question: how freely should fuel pass through this unit. In addition why are there 2 fuel supply lines except for the necessity o
  6. I have enjoyed and benefitted greatly from browsing the forum. Presently working on a Military Munga 4 and hope to get some useful advice. .... Brian
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