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Fitting a Nato hitch on a Range Rover


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New to forum and already looking for help !!


I have a Range Rover TDV8 and I am a radio ham. I have acquired one of the ex MoD NCRS 4 wheel communication trailers fitted with the standard 75mm NATO tow ring.


I have an appropriate Dixon Bate NATO towing pintile to fit to my TDV8 Range Rover. The RR is currently fitted with the standard Range Rover adjustable height tow bar but even if fitted at the top of the adjustable plate, the pintile hook will be quite a bit lower than the eye on the trailer. The questions are:


Will it be OK to tow if there is a height difference?


or if I need to bring the "hook" on the RR up to the height of the ring on the trailer what is the best way of doing that?


Anyone done it before?





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Welcome, I had a Dixon Bates on my Range Rover for many years, it's now on the Discovery. To fit to a Range Rover is easier than the Discovery, the holes all line up. Good sense as you can have NATO and a50mm ball with civillian tow ring combination, and tow anything. Easy answer, depending on weight of trailer, is if you can fit Land Rover rims to the trailers, fit smaller tyres. I've done this with a Sankey as it spends all it's time behind the Disco or Son's 110 and never a problem.

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You do have to cut the rear bumper about bit to fit the top of the ladder to a Disco. On the Classic, you either take off the original plate or just drill through and bolt the ladder on. Another way I've seen is to cut down the Dixon Bates ladder , reweld the supports, then you only have one or two holes to mount the plate.

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If you have a dixon bate ladder-type slider hitch, I'll take a picture of what i've done on my RRC.... :cool2:


2-pin mounting, over-engineered by design and backed up by calcs. Options to mount Nato hitch at 600 or 650mm (I think, need to double-check that figure....

I've used it a few years on a couple of Rangies to tow sankeys and brockhouses and it's been bulletproof!


Now I just need to find daylight to take the picture........ :cheesy:



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