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L4 LMG Recognition


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I think everyone will know the difference between a FAL and non-FAL 7.62 Bren but things seems to get a bit tricky beyond that!!


What are the basic rules about spotting genuine ex British LMG's?


I am trying to find one but don't want to get mugged, given the rarity/prices.


What marks were converted, what markings and serial numbers will they bear, etc, etc?


D and B Militaria have a new one on their site, but (ignoring the obvious missing bits and the trigger cutaway) is it an Indian model, and what markings do they bear? I am not too worried about buying an Indian one, but would want to know what I was buying, obviously!


Cheers, guys.

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should have l4a4 on it or a close variant of that think i am right in saying L4a4 were all mk3 brens cost about a grand plus ,unless your lucky like me!!!!!!!!:cool2: presume u r after a bren converted to 7.62 by the brits, rather than a fn fal?( check out thread entitled * lmg bren*

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I think you mean Arundel militaria. The one on that site is the same one that was on about 1 week ago for a lot more money, but now he has swapped the butt, removed the red paint on the barrel and hasn't mentioned the skeleton sections at all. Its a made up gun, not orignal at all, the barrel isnt even correct for a L4A3. I emailed him some questions and have been ignored on a few occasions, all I wanted to know was what marking were on the gun, if it was a L4A3, the Bren Mk2 marking would be barred out and new markings applied. They arn't there.

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Thanks guys.


I had seen the earlier thread, but wanted to distill all that down to half a dozen basic rules to avoid getting done over.


Mmmm ..... I had a funny feeling. P'raps I'll keep my eyes open for the right thing when it comes along. Certainly, I can see that the original an complete item would be worth more.


Anyone got one, or open to offers?? :D:D

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I see its been sold now, someones been ripped off. I would like to have seen how good the machining to the mag well was. Did you see the big slot under the barrel? That isn't required as part of the deactivation so why it was done I don't know (Certainly not to make it a Cutaway). The lower was from a Mk1 skeleton action and would never be used on a live gun, never mind a L4, and the Barrel was from a L4A1 not a L4A2/3/4/5 or 6. I think the buyer will be very disapointed for £850!


If you can hang on for a while, I believe there may be a few L4A3s coming on to the market soon very similiar condition to my own.





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Cheers, Chris.


No, I didn't see the slotting.


Not sold to me, I hasten to say. No reply to a few question regarding provenance, but they did tell me it had been sold.


Mmmm, yours looks like the real McCoy - just what I (and probably a good few others, too, I imagine) would like to source.


I am keeping my eye out and ear to the ground (ouch) but if you get the details if any come around, I would really appreciate a heads up.


All the best :-D:-D

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My gun is one of the Interarms FTR'd guns, hence why it has the mk2/3 carry handle and a Mk1 lower. The barrel and a few of the new made parts are marked with INT so a bit of a give away that its a Interarms FTR. They were under contract for the MOD but the contract was cancelled when the TA recieved the GPMG instead.

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