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1941 Austin K4 Escape Carrying Unit GJJ 833


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Here's my latest project.. :nut: Would be interested in hearing any other info on it..


Here the K4 ECU in it's current condition...









Here's a couple of photos when it was at Eden Camp.. shame it was allowed to deteriorate in to it's current condition




Info I've found on the internet so far..


Registered in 1941, GJJ 833 did not enter service until March 1942, when it joined the National Fire Service, Scottish South Western Area No.2 at Ardrossian, Barr Street. Originally built to Home Office specifications as an ECU (Escape Carrying Unit), GJJ 833 was re-bodied in 1947 as what is believed to be a unique example of its type, a “limousine – style” pump-escape. At this stage, with the disbandment of the National Fire Service, the appliance came under the auspices of the Scottish, South Western Area Fire Brigade, into whose livery it has been restored. In October 1953, it was transferred to Stranraer where it ran as a major pump until the 1960’s when it became a reserve appliance. In 1972, GJJ 833 was traded in to Inch Motors of Stranraer for £500. Discovered rotting, in a timber yard, by a fire service sub-officer from Androssian, GJJ was acquired and removed to his garden where it continued to rot. Acquired in very poor condition by David Smith, a Driffield Antiques dealer and retired leading fire-fighter (Humberside Brigade), in June 1984. It has undergone extensive restoration, which is still an ongoing process. There is very strong evidence that the appliance has covered less than 15,000 miles since its construction. In May 1992, GJJ 833 completed the Historic Commercial Vehicle Society’s annual London to Brighton Run, travelling under its own power from Driffield (East Yorks) to Brighton and back. A round trip of 615 miles. ************************************************************************************


1941 Austin Escape Carrying Unit.


This 1941 Escape Carrying Unit (ECU) was built to Home Office specifications for the war effort,then following it time with the NFS the appliance was re-modified at the Home Office workshops in Wakefield and then went into service with the South Western Area Fire Brigade in Scotland serving at Stranaer fire station. The appliance (GJJ 833) went into private ownership during the 1980's and had a complete restoration by the then new owner, Dave Smith of Great Driffield.He then sold it to Eden Camp Military Museum in Malton,North Yorkshire where its stood outside to all the elements of the severe northern weather awaiting restoration,which sadly to this day has never been carried out.The 1941 Austin K4 ECU as a front mounted Barton pump,and carried a pair of Ajax 35' ladders and a 50' wheeled escape ladder.


Here's a clip of the K4 doing the London to Brighton run many years ago..


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Pleased to see it in good hands. What are your plans, restore in this configuration or return to the original wartime body style? Either way will make a lovely vehicle. There is one very similar to this in existance, but also under restoration, also a few in wartime spec.

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