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J60 starter problem?

BRDM Driver

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My J60 starter is making a loud 'dringgg' noise on starting, like the starter pinion is catching the starter ring on the flywheel as it disengages.


On lifting the deck and taking a peek inside, I found this weird tube fitted to the end of the starter shaft. It's free to rotate and slide up and down but doesn't come off the shaft.


Does this look right???


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Just taken some photos of the spare i have in my garage. There is a plastic sleeve which contains the return spring and is held in place by the thin nut. Cant post the pics from ipad! The sleeve should be hard against the pinion and only moves when the drive shaft rotates.


Are the nut and spring still in the bottom of the engine bay somewhere? I can send you the spring, sleeve and nut if not but you will have to hang on for a few days. The spare one is u/s anyway and if I ever repair it I can easily swap the nut over from another one.




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Got my spare engines from Withams yesterday and rigged up a hoist to open the cases today.


I saw what is supposed to be on the end of the starter and I am in the process of swapping the whole starter over.


I think getting the nut, sleeve and spring off is really tricky in situ as the trying to undo the nut makes the sleeve move and it pushes the spanner off. I couldn't see any easy way of holding the shaft still while undoing the nut.


Once I got the seat and bulkhead out, it's pretty easy to swap the starters over.


Cheers for the info and help.

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