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120 mm L2 A/T gun - what is this ?

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Marmite is correct.....the L6 Wombat is a very different animal. Having a relatively tiny carriage & no trails, made lightweight so burly Marines can hump it in & out of Landrovers:cool2:


L1/L2 BAT (full armoured shield, no spotting rifle, 2 gunners handwheels)

L4 Mobat (no shield, left side mounted Bren as spotting rifle, 1 handwheel)

L7 Conbat (no shield, top mounted .50 spotting rifle)


Think I've got it covered anyway? (that page in the link is wrong, whilst the picture shows a Wombat, the list of 'nicknames' is inaccurate)



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ALSO: BAT, MOBAT & CONBAT load method is TOTALY different!


First three have conventional Dropping Breech Mechs.

Also, First three are ALL TOWED weapons.


WOMAT has a SIDE Swinging Venturie to load.

Also HAS to be transported IN a Vehicle.


Ammo though is the SAME 12mm Rounds for ALL of the Guns.

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