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Greetings from Florida USA


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Hello all, been in the mv hobby over 30 years and mostly have tinkered with Dodges. I currently have 3 WC half tons and a ratty Power Wagon. Been in the MVPA over 30 years too. My WC's are a 4, 6 and 15. The 4 is my weekly driver the other two need some work. The wc6 may be up for sale soon as I found a WC21 I want to purchase, and money is what I need to do so. Looking forward to being on line on the HMVF.

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Hi, welcome in from sunny Florida, photographs would be good, better than a thousand words. Its amazing how many people stay faithful to our hobby once that they become involved, I have also been involved for the last thirty years. I still have all of my stuff..... started with a GMC 353 Open cab, then a Jeep, then a BSA M20, then a 1943 Harley Davidson WLC, then two Enfields, one military and one civilian (I must have had a senior moment when I bought that one) the military one is the W.D. C.O. 350cc ohv.Civilian Royal Enfield.jpg

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