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Armour & Embarkation - The Characters !

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Here is my photographic record of some of the people that supported/attended this year's A & E bash.


Sadly upon reflection, is does not extend to anywhere near the number of people that should be included and their are some glaring omissions (like the folks in the cook-house that did sterling work under exceptionally trying conditions), but although I am happy to stick my camera under the noses of people I know; I tend to shy away from folks I am not familiar with.


The first shots are the general 'run of the mill' stuff and the second batch are ones that I have tried to give that 'US National Archives' feel to the shots - in the faint hope that the viewer may be mistaken for thinking they are looking at genuine wartime colour transparencies from 1944. You'll have to make your own mind up!



The Man and the Hour !



Chris Till and (Jonny Loot) made the trip from Lancashire and Yorkshire (with a tank) and were amongst the first participants to take full advantage of the Government's recent U turn on the pasty tax !



(Snapper) and Son ! Mark Barnes and his lad - Sorry I'm dreadful remembering names.



Bruvver! Neil Stevens from Newark, atop of Jim's M4A4 trying to look pretty!



Mr. Beckett's reaction when he has just been told he needs to cut his hair ready for the 2014 A & E event!



Roy Baker and Tony Butt (Anthony) from Suffolk share a peanut butter sandwich from within the gloom of Tony's Toyota Hi-Lux early on Sunday morning after a rather unseasonal night's sleep. As Roy said (who slept on-site in a Jeep trailer) "As long as I lifted the canvas up to stop the water from pooling every half an hour throughout the night, I didn't get too wet!"

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The serious stuff now!



Joris who made the trip across from The Netherlands and is seen here waiting to board his C-47.



Jamie Meachin from Bristol (who crewed the Sherman M4A4 with Jim Clark) and who's the right age and shape to do a WWII US Army Tankers combat uniform justice - (I wish more re-enactors would adopt this mindset).



Chris Till and one of the Copeman brothers from Colchester during a lull in activity.



Manny Trainor from nearby Yeovil did an outstanding job marshaling the lengthy convoy and also superb traffic control during the lunch stop at Martinstown - Certainly one of the major achievers of the event in my humble opinion.



Enigma (from the Netherlands) and Steve Whitehouse from Frome looking timeless in this shot.



A scruff-bag from Suffolk who needs to learn how to tie his boot laces correctly!

(Blimey that Roughwear A2 jacket looks good in this shot - can't tell it from an original one.)



More DR's - Sorry I don't know who you guys are, but you were certainly kept busy!



Lewis (and his Mum from Nottingham) hitching a ride with Steve Whitehouse in his freshly restored HST .

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And the last one of my 'people pictures' from A & E 2012 is dedicated to the couple who made the entire event happen.............




............Would look quite nice in a frame on the bedside cabinet old boy !

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