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Wide Track Trailer

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Good morning. I'm John, a survivor of the Yorkshire War Experience. The weather was shockingly bad over the weekend, but the experience was well worth having. It was really good to see the MVs getting to grips with the mud, rather than merely observing them static. I was particularly impressed by a Bedford MW climbing a muddy bank into the display area; both rear wheels were spinning franticly, but the bar grip tyres got enough traction to propel the vehicle onwards and upwards. I was not surprised, however, that the Opel Blitz on road tyres remained parked up all the time that I was there. Operating such lorries on the eastern front must have been a miserable experience.


So, well worth my going to the Yorkshire War Experience. Fingers crossed for better weather next year though...


I have been interested in military vehicles for as long as I can remember; interested too in Land Rovers. Not needing a Land Rover, I did without for some 30 years. But then I decided that I did not want to lie on my death bed wishing that I had had one. So I bought one a year ago - a civilian 90 CSW, I have to confess. I have though bought a wide track trailer to go with it, so I hope that I am able - just - to claim my place in the MV fraternity.



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Welcome John


I went on the Sunday and experienced some of the quagmire! Shame about the weather but overall It was a great effort for its first year and I hope it happens again next year..


Presume you have put a nato hitch on your 90 then which surely qualifies it as an mv..!




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