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I know its another thread but i thought it may be good to have one thread to say THANKYOU.

So here is my bit....and where should I start.


What a cracking location and view....even if sometimes it was through pouring rain.


During the drivers breifing on Friday we were all asked to keep tight to the left to allow the DR's a safe passage through.

Not being on a "proper"convoy before I had not realised just how important that statment was the DR's did a fantastic job sometimes on very narrow lanes. They kept the convoy rolling without a hitch (at least as I could see).....so



On the Saturday morning we marshalled up to leave the site again I'm not sure who actually placed the vehicles in order because there was a lot of whistle blowing and arm waving but it worked very well..so whistle blowers and arm wavers...


The Cook House, not much needs to be said here except that how the hell did you cope, talk about value for money you did a great job guys and gals


To all that attended to make a great weekend and specticle for all those 1000's of people on the roadside


And of course NONE of this would/could have happened without the vision,hard work,cost,time and shear determination to bring our hobby and movement to the public. I'm sure we all do the "static" shows but they come nowhere near this experience and its down to one man JB.


So a VERY VERY special THANKYOU to you........




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I think I probably speak for the other DRs as well as myself when I say there is nothing quite like the feeling of keeping the big stuff moving ,its what the bikes are for ,I dont enjoy riding on motorways and a quiet sunday round the lanes can get a bit boring but nipping past a sherman or jimmy in the convoy is another thing all together.The best buzz Ive had since riding with 143 other wartime bikes in Normandy in 2009


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Just wanted to say a big Thank You from me and my son, Andrew, for an amazing weekend. Well done to everyone for making it so good with special mentions from us to Jack for making it all happen; Steve with the Mack for the lift into Dorchester for the Education Day; James, H, and the gang from Dog Company for the ride in the Jimmy on Saturday and, last but certainly not least, Dave and the Cookhouse crew for keeping us all so well fed.


Hope to do it all again sometime (room for 1 more Jeep next time Jack?) only with more sun and less wind and rain.


See you at an event somewhere in England.



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I'd like to mirror Gas 44's sentiment on what made a great event truly fantastic.


I arrived on site Friday as a complete military vehicle newbie and far from knowing many A&E folks, I didn't know ANY A&E folks. Well, that's not stricly true as I'd previously met Rosie, but you get the idea...


My BSA M20 was only finished a few weeks before so Friday was like my first day at school, but thanks to Pete, Kevin, Graham & Louise, I had a spot of on-the-job training which, I'd like to think, got me up and running.


Saturday was what I like to call a Retirement Home memory, ie, when I'm sat in the old folks home smelling like a cross between Werthers Originals and my own wee, I can think back to the day I closed a junction/roundabout and then had to dart past 50 or so WW2 vehicles, tanks included, to begin the process all over again. While I'm on the subject, a big thanks to all for keeping left and allowing all of us on 2 wheels to nip past.


Sunday was also not to be missed and seeing so many veterans certainly brought a lump to my throat and with a good number waving wildly at the bikes, I hope we did our best to keep the DR end up.

My thoughts for this day go to the lady who collasped and was airlifted away and I do hope that her obviously tough spirits are still working hard - not only for herself, but for her family and friends also. Should the outcome be of a negative nature, which I sincerely hope it isnt, I hope that a small amount of comfort can be taken from the fact that she was flying the flag for all that she stood for and belived in and displayed true veteran spirit to the end.


Dust wasn't an issue over the weekend but the only time I got a bit wet was on my way back from MNAW on Saturday night, but in true A&E spirit, we got a lift up the track courtesy of an A&E truck. The beer clouded my brain regarding names, but hopefully you'll know who you are.


DR's came pouring in on Saturday and it was great to put faces to so many forum names and I hope to bump into you all at future events.


What can I say about the cookhouse? Magicians those people - they must be. Even when I asked about numbers for Sunday night as I didn't realise I had to say whether I was staying or going, they told me it wasn't a problem and rustled-up a Spanish omlette. Absolute stars and doing a spot of pan washing and helping to take the tent down was the very least that I could do. Top marks


But I'll stop waffling-on and finish-up with a big thank you to Jack. Red tape and 21st century regulations couldn't stop him from staging a WW2 event of this magnitude and I'm sure it's obvious to one and all that without him, our 70 year old vehicles would have simply spent another weekend in the shed/garage/barn/hanger instead of thundering past the hordes of waving people that lined the streets. But I'm sure the icing on the cake for him will be that he's now the proud holder of my military event cherry.


We came, we saw and we ended-up with a hangover - what more can you want?


Thanks again,


Lee Davey.

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A good idea for a thread so thank you gas 44 :)


yup agree with everyone else the DRs were fanbloodytastic! :kiss::kiss:


All the other drivers and passengers, you all looked fab :kiss::kiss:


A mega mega thanks to Dave and team for the prep and cooking of the food :kiss::kiss:


To all the forumites who did come and introduce themselves to us, nice to meet you :kiss::kiss:


To all who popped into chez cubed for a cuppa or beer and a chat, shared some good laughs! :kiss::kiss:


To everyone who offered and helped on Sunday when we packed up, and for making sure we were ok, and those who have messaged me since. Everyone is much better today! :kiss::kiss:


But of course, the biggest thanks goes the man himself who without his sheer determination, blood, sweat and tears, guts, and grey hairs!!!!! This wouldn't have happened.


So Thank you Jack Beckett :kiss::kiss::kiss::kiss::kiss::kiss::kiss:

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First thanks to Dave and crew for the superb food, remember these people do it voluntarily and get no pay and well done to the very few people who helped with the spud bashing and washing up.

Thanks to the Cube family for drying out my bedding when I got flooded out and and for their hospitality, also to the Wearside crew for helping me set up and their hospitality. Ian Mc saved my life in Dorc on Saturday by walking up to town to get me a coffee , thanks again Ian.

No thanks to the few who didn't want to comply with the directions they were given and resorted to swearing at me.

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Just to add thanks from all us lot in Steves Mack to what's already been said.


Not sure if all you DRs realize what a great sight you are from the convoys viewpoint, watching all that squeezing and weaving past to repeatedly get ahead was very entertaining for us!

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