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  1. I don't think that there's such a thing as a "cheap latest spec' " Deac'. They've just brought in yet another spec', where there can be no cock and click (Includes bolt actions, and pistols.), so dealers are having to re-chop their stock. That'll be reflected in the price. And of course, it's now illegal to sell previous spec' (EU 2016 included.) to anyone who isn't a Section 5 holder. Jim, DWSUK have got a couple of the latest spec' Sterlings.
  2. Hi. No I didn't. But there must be a spec': https://www.dandbmilitaria.com/deactivated-eu-uk-spec-lpo-50-flame-thrower-sn-slpo
  3. It's all a complete farce. No more "Cock and Click.". Meanwhile, the scrotes are off to the local pub with £500 in their grubby paws, to get an old Eastern Bloc pistol and rounds. 'sake!
  4. : http://s320.photobucket.com/user/outdug/library/A Mucky Day at Beacon Hill 18-2-08?sort=9&page=1
  5. That's it Chris, just gee the Pete up....
  6. Does this make any sense to you Chris?
  7. Chris, my one is a * conversion with the trigger group. Rocking horse poop for the good un's.
  8. "This flapping was brought to you by The Historic Weapon Display Group." https://www.facebook.com/historicweapondisplaygroup/
  9. So, after me flapping, the gun arrived, and James (You know who I'm on about. ) had thrown a correct sling into the parcel. Result!
  10. When the flippin' gun turns up (Another day of lost wages. ) , I'll do a comparison.
  11. Thanks for the input folks. Here's a link to some pic's: http://modernfirearms.net/smg/brit/lanchester-mk1-e.html
  12. I'm not sure Chris, other than extensive looking at photos. There was def' a cut down SMLE sling involved. And knowing the Royal Navy, they would have wanted their own.
  13. All said and done, there was a designated sling for the Lanchester. If I can find out the measurements, I'll get one bodged up. (Our Keith will do a tidy job of it. ).
  14. Thanks lads. Oh, if i wanted an ebay link to...
  15. Hi all. Does anyone know the length of a Lanchester sling (Tip to tip of the fittings.) ? As far as I'm aware, they were cut down SMLE slings. Or, does anyone know where I can get a correct one? Thanks in advance.
  16. I pinched this from their website. Hope it helps.
  17. Sorry, I didn't take any pic's.
  18. Yes, they still have it. I was there on Monday.
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