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M38-a1 Nekaf Jeep

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Hello to everyone. Having just joined this great site I thought it only good manners to introduce myself, Andy aka Jimmythejeep (the username is courtesy of my two kids, Sally & Sam who have named the jeep jimmy).


About 3 weeks ago I bought a 1961 ex Dutch Army M38-A1 Nekaf Jeep . Last year I toured the D-Day landings with my Dad and brother AND had a great two days at the 1940's Wartime weekend at Lytham. This meant the thirst to own a military vehicle would not go away!!


When I saw the jeep advertised I just kept on smiling... Living on the coast at Lytham St Annes my wife and kids have loved cruising the promenade for an ice cream in the Jeep for the past month.


Now starts the unknown ground of the mechanics, canvas repair and chasing the history of our Dutch Jeep which is a bit scary but exciting. Speak soon, thanks.

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Hi and welcome.....


you keeping her in Dutch markings?




Only had the jeep a short time and just enjoying driving her. Over the years a previous owner has painted the jeep in a US Green with star markings but the markings have been removed leaving faded remnants!


At the moment returning her to the original Dutch markings and colour is the plan although I could do with help regarding the paint selection and decals? Do you have any idea how I could trace the jeeps history?


Thanks for the post mate

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