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1968 Pattern Jersey.

Scotch Harry

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RAF aircrew cold weather issue....worn along with the MK3 cold weather jacket and trousers.........prior to 1969 made in blue-grey......


Some of these were occasionally issued to guys in my unit when stocks of the "patched" variety were running low.......they weren't popular, as nowhere to slip your rank insignia onto.......


Oddly enough, this pattern resembles the original heavy wool jersey introduced during WW2, although that had a drawcord neck, brown wool and a looser knit.......


The aircrew example shown is of the original pattern, pre-dating the mods introduced to all woolly pullys during the mid-70s.......it is of looser knit, with "doubled" knitted cuffs........issues from the mid-70s onwards were of a tighter, more shrink-resistance knit with longer non-doubled cuffs that could be turned back...........these changes also affected the patched pattern standard issue pullover.......

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Yes, never a common item and as with many of your items, a fine example..........I'm not even certain if these are still issued but you never know.......


Great stuff-Thanks.


It was bought out of curiosity thinking it was a civvy jumper until it arrived and I got a nice surprise:wow:

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