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Renault GP tractor

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I took this picture of a GP last week at the Dufresne museum in France. There were several WW1 trucks that I will post pictures from in another thread, if there is interest:D


Best regards




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Blimy, are thay planning on lifting it on, how many French men does it take to load a Renault gp.


They take their time as well don't they? Halfway through loading, let's stop, gather round, wait till the photographer has set up his equipment etc etc :D


Great picture BTW!

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As a portee lorry it has quite sturdy ramps, but i do wonder what difference in weight between a 75mm and a GP is. Visibility cant be good so i expect the driver must be quite positive.


the wooden block on the body is to stop the 75 rolling forwards into the cab when they load it. i cant imagine thats going to do much about stopping the GP.

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