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Staman Sherman


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I spoke to his mechanic at a Tanks in Town and he said that he was running N80 injectors with two valve head which will be giving about 250hp per engine. I have since been told by someone else that it is a four valve head that is fitted which would give 270hp per engine with the N80 injectors, presuming that you advance time the engines and use the modern larger ported liners and the higher compression pistons. Not bad considering the original combined horsepower is 375 at the prop-shaft!


If you type M10 Achilles Tank Destroyer in the search engine of this forum you will see pictures of 6046 twinset engine restored and unrestored. His Sherman certainly pulls well and sounds good when I followed it for a short journey in Tanks in Town.



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Thanks for the info gents. I had heard that a twin 6-71 had been fitted, but doubted it could be shoe horned into an engine compartment built for a radial, there is about a 2 foot difference in length, and then you need to sqeeze in the radiator. Any photo's of the engine compartment, it would be a work of art, and all that torque!



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