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  1. Anybody here have an idea of the weight of a stripped, early, single hatch turret on a Sherman?
  2. Can anyone idenify a use for these small clips on a direct vision, small hatch Sherman. Locted on the drivers position, but residual weld left on other side suggesting they were present at some time on the hull MGers hatch. I am thinking something to do with a hood or screen. thanks, Perry
  3. Is there any way to connect a USA registration number on a Sherman to a WD T number. The Sherman in question carries serial number 7607 (M4A2), and a USA registration number of 3062855(?). Can this be matched to a T number used on lend/lease Shermans? thanks, Perry
  4. Track is 300mm wide, double pin. 14 tooth sprocket.
  5. Is there anyone with information of how well the new Sherman replacement track available from Staman Trading is holding up? End connectors, rubber wear? Feel free to PM or email with replies. thanks, Perry
  6. I am currently making the canvas strips and cover for the Sexton radio box. I have good samples of the cover, left and right hand strips. Does anyone have a sketch or photo's of the bottom canvas strip, part # B-5718? Also, the parts manual mentions "rods" for the curtain and side strips. Would anyone know if there lengths of rod sewn into the side strips and curtain. What is left of my samples does not show this. thanks, Perry
  7. Malcolm, First message was an email. I have just sent a PM. Perry
  8. Checking for discrepancies in compression rates of the individual springs will give you an indication of general condition. Obviously the highest resistance would be the minimum spring rate you would want on all springs. Overheating could contribute to weaker springs. Anyone looked into the fuel leak or charging issue on the BMP yet? Perry
  9. The Russians have been using steel as a medium for clutches since the BT series of vehicles. As with any clutch, it is always preferable to leave the clutch engaged. When sitting for any length of time, transmission in neutral, foot off the pedal. Would it be a good idea to check spring pressures in the clutch?
  10. I believe it is a thermal cover to help disguise the tanks thermal signature.
  11. Have any radial rebuilders balanced the flywheel/clutch assembly? Perry
  12. The spline cut on the crankshaft and in the flywheel are such that they can only be installed in one location. This happens to be oriented at the high side of the crankshaft throw. Being a single throw crankshaft, what are the possibilities that the flywheel is balanced (or un-balanced) to aid the balancing of the rotating group of the motor. I am thinking about this as I prepare to balance the flywheel and clutch assembly. Any thoughts? Perry
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