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Jerry Cans


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I notice in the second pic there are two types of can, the American and German design of Jerrycan however I'm sure some of you will be able to shed more light on to when the allied forces took on the more recogniseable German design.


In August 1941 the 8th Army captured some reusable fuel cans used by the Germans that were far in advance of anything the allies could envisage. Although these cans were of an Italian design, they were extensively used by the German forces and inevitably became known as “Jerricans”. They were the obvious replacement for the flimsies. In September 1941 some jerricans were flown home for evaluation by the War Office, immediately a programme of mass manufacture was envisaged. But the introduction of the jerrican was delayed by the difficulties in obtaining presses and making the dies. One such press sent from the USA was part of the cargo of a ship that was sunk in the English Channel. So important was the cargo that the press was retrieved, refurbished and installed in Birmingham so bringing the monthly output of jerricans to a million from just this one factory.



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