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Hello all, I am reminded by Skarkey (Ian) to complete an intro... which I thought I had done. Well here goes. I do not work on vehicles per se, but the miniature type. I am retired from both the Royal Navy and the Australian Army. In the RN I was a stoker...joined back in '64. I joined Water Transport in Australia and then transferred to the Mil Pol, served as an Instructor in the Military Prison for 4 years, also as a General Duties policeman, ending up as an Investigator in SIB. Did about 30 or more years in uniform.

I retired from the Army and served as a Prison Officer until retired because of previous injuries. I lived in the US for awhile and in Indonesia...don't ask,ha,ha.

Anyway I hope that is enough. O, yes, the name is Tony.

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Hi Tony, welcome in......... hello, hello are you still there ? you have`nt moved again have you ? Just kidding, you have certainly moved around a bit, you MUST have lots of stories that you could share ?. Pen to paper please.

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hi tony i only joined myself a couple of weeks ago im sure you will find the lads very helpfull and informative as i do i spent a bit of time in queensland . i was up around cairns and a small spot called babinda i loved it and should have stayed best regards and welcome bill

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