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Future Event: Rolling Steel 2012 Holland

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September 7,8 and 9 2012 in eastern part of the Netherlands the biggest MV-event in the country!


Organized by the Dutch MV organisation Keep them Rolling:




Featuring the "Red Ball Express" , a special route on Saturday 8 September for Red Ball Vehicles only including some realisting Red Ball Displays at certain locations.


We are also trying to get the biggest quantity of GMC´s together! 100+ should be possible!


On Sunday 9 September we have the beautifull and spectacular 45km tank route along some excellent and historic roads including a spectacular confrontation with a German train in a small town! This is a perfect oppertunity to take your tank for a ride, and perfect for radial engines! ..unlike Mons..


We hope to see you in September!




Cheers, Auke

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Hello All,


This is an update on participating vehicles at the upcoming event:




2 pc. M3 Stuart

1 pc. M5 Stuart

1 pc. M18 Hellcat

2 pc. M10 Achilles

2 pc. M4 Sherman

1 pc. Sherman recovery

1 pc. Sexton SP

3 pc. Bren Carrier

1 pc. T-16

1 pc. M5 HST

1 pc. Caterpillar D-7

5 pc. Half Track


Wheeled vehicles:


Scammel Pioneer

Mack NO

Mack NM

Mack NR

White 666

Diamond T 980

Diamond T 969

Ward La France M1A1

Brockway 666

Brockway + Quickway

Federal 606

International Tractor

Autocar tractor


Chevrolet K-51

+ Many other vehicles





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