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A 73m819 5t tractor wrecker owner from GA. USA, saying HI


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Hi, I heard about this SITE from one of your members that is a member of our site (SS), looking forward to meeting you fine folks and sharing the MV ADDICTION.


As stated in the title, I own a 73 m819 5t, tractor wrecker, 36,000 lbs, it has a 5th wheel instead of a rear 45,000 lb drag winch, 250 cummins,

PIC_0671.JPG, I'll have more pics, just need to move things around to get to them


I am a retired heavy equipment and crane op, machanic, had a 5t gasser m52 and a 43 m20 12t diamond t, I have always been into BIG trucks, I am one of the MODs of SS, also have a 8x8 in my drive way, it is phototype made by PC&F, s/n is XM9770000001, I'll get some pics of it up also, being the my cell phone does not have a camera, no text plan, not a smart phone, ect. just a OLD flip phone, this ought to tell you my tech level (a pic of my GPS that my wife gave me will be posted later), now with that said, you will under stand if it takes me a bit more time to learn to get around your great SITE


Thank you for allowing me to join your SITE, Ron

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Welcome aboard looking forward to pictures of the 8x8. As you can see in the list below I have the only M746 8x8 in the UK.


I tried to post the 8x8 pics, THINK it worked ?? if not I could use some HELP, you have to remember I do not text, face book, ect, my phone is one step up from a land line, so NAVAGATING a NEW site is REAL chore.


Being that you say you have a M578 and a M 746 how about a pic link so I can DROOL, We have as saying on SS, if no PICS it AINT real.

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