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North Africa IIWW Radio


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what type of radio was used during WWII operation in North Africa by British Troops. Especialy on light vehicles (jeep, etc.), please.


Many thanks




Early WW2 would have been:


Infantry: WS No.8 (replaced by WS No.18)

Light Vehicles: WS No.11

AFVs: WS No.9

Signals vehicles for medium distance WS No.9

Signals vehicles for longer distances WS No.12/R 107


The WS No.8 was superseded by the WS No.18 introduced in 1940, but there may have been a few still in use.


The WS No.11 (and to a large extent the WS No.9) was replaced by the WS19, introduced in 1941. (The power units initially had a high failure rate in North Africa due to capacitor breakdown in high temperatures.) WS19 Mk.II was introduced in 1942 and WS19 Mk.III in 1943.


The WS No.9 in AFVs was superseded by the WS No.19, and its use in signals vehicles superseded by the WS No.19 for short range requirements, the high power version for medium range, and the Canadian redesign of the WS No.9 that was renumbered the Wireless Set No.52 for longer range working.)


Both the WS No.18 (with an outboard "Static battery box") and the WS No.19 were fitted to the Universal (Bren) carrier.



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Did someone mention a WS No11? Few and far between. My Morris was built during that BEF/ early North Africa period. and I have equipped it with an 11 set. I'm currently under way with a copy of the antenna base. Ron

Morris PU 84 008.jpg

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