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  1. Try to contact http://www.solomonadler.com/en-index.htm He tried to make copy of mine, not sure if he already finished John Ps: tell him you have contact from John, Czech Republic, Prague
  2. Hi, friend of mine has started. I find out the result and let you know. John
  3. Hello, members of historic military car club - Old Car Rangers Prague are going next week to see the Bastogne and other places in Ardens. 4 jeeps going from Prague to Bastogne: - SAS Jeep Willys MB - Jeep Willys MB - Jeep Willy M606 A1 - Jeep Willy M606 A1 Translation: From 10th to 16th June 2012 members of Old Car Rangers Prague and 3rd Army club Pilsen shell follow the steps of the US Army in Ardens. To who do not like it, we have a message: NUTS! http://www.oldcarrangers.cz I will post some pictures here. John
  4. Hi Many thanks for info. Dont you have a link where to buy it? Thanks John
  5. Hello, Welcome. I have the same interest, for me especially PPA - Popski privat army. Do you have some pics? John
  6. Hello, last year we have found these two items with amateur mine detector on Omaha beach in Normandy, France. It was in sand in the depth about 50 cm. Close to Big Red One memorial. Please does anyone got an idea about the age? Many thanks John
  7. Hello, what type of radio was used during WWII operation in North Africa by British Troops. Especialy on light vehicles (jeep, etc.), please. Many thanks John
  8. Hi, can you send me the pictures on email in better resolution, please? Onheiser@akhoudkova.com Thanks John
  9. Ease to get nice pipes in Prague, but hard to get my favourite tobacco St. Bruno Anyway many thanks. I shall post more pictures of both cars. The LR lightweight I bought in Scotland, close to Aberdeen, made journey around east Highlands, ferry to Belgium and trailer to Czech. The Jeep I bought in Norway, Stavenger. Both cars are original (almost) and trying to keep them running. John
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