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Any body recognise this Formation sign ?


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This lovely photo of a 2 Coy RASC Stalwart in Aden in 1964 shows the RASC sign as blue over yellow - it looks to me like the one on your bike. The British Army Units website says 36 Coy RASC was a Motor Ambulance unit at Catterick Barracks, Bielefeld, Germany in 1965 - probably a bit late for a Norton 16H though.




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Definitely a post war Army registration number - perhaps I was wrong about Norton 16Hs in service in the 60s!


The RLC Museum at Deepcut may have the Vehicle History Card for your bike - I'll help translate it if you do find it!


Out of interest, I've attached a photo of my wife's Granddad on his Norton 16H in WW2 - Sgt Cunnew, Green Howards!




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This is what the forum experts said in 2010 when I about the photo:


'The bike was produced during early to mid 1941 under contract C7353. With it's manilla headlamp mask, number plate census number and lack of panniers, the photo probably doesn't date from later than 1942. The machine looks fairly well used so I'd guess that the picture dates from the summer of 1942. The background looks to be UK.'


The dates tie in with his wartime service in the UK

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80 YB 83 is listed as S/O - MoS (Struck Off - Ministry of Supply) - ISS/1/255- 28-9-56. Chassis No.8334 - Contract C5612 - Converted from (wartime) census number 4153502. There is no information about location of disposal or previous units but the markings are clearly earlier than 1956.

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