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Beautifully made! But what vehicle is it from?


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I acquired this at a car-boot sale in Camberwell (Australia). It is approximately 48cm long from one end to the other. The diameter of the cork is 5cm and a shade less than 9cm long. Stainless (looks like it anyway) steel rods and spacers. Rods are soldered to the brass end. Does anyone have any thoughts about this? I'd love to be able to wave it about confident I knew what vehicle it was from! Regards Robert.



obj 1s.jpg



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With such a long arm it could be from an aircraft. For instance Champ & Humber arms are considerably shorter. The cork float with mechanism of a cog driving a spindle to Desyn sender is virtually identical for aircraft & standardised vehicles alike.


A couple of years ago I saw a nice aircraft one complete with Desyn, which I thought I would buy to cannibalise. I was staggered to find it was priced at over £200. The seller pointed to the original vocabulary label with a prefix I think 26AJ which is Spitfire.

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