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  1. Oh I forgot, there is an early tombstone (radiator pack/engine mount) and an early bell housing. Also 2 of the 3 parts of a fluid flywheel. Also a couple of turret floor plates (possibly battery cover ones). Jon
  2. I have some Fox parts left after restoring 6 of them! Two pairs of turret ammo bins (that go either side of the radio tray) A pair of pretty good rear mudguard bins. A few creases and dings but no rot. These are a matching pair of later type bins with the little door on the back. I also have loads of new door seals. A very good fuel tank. Might be NOS A rear turret bustle basket. A pair of NOS track rods. A set of 4 prop shafts in good order. Plus half a stillage of useful small bits including NOS engine mount pads, NOS alternator pulleys (lots), NOS power s
  3. I am making some accurate reproductions of the 19 set canvas radio covers for the wooden and steel baseboard installations. I have been using the dark green canvas (rear cover flaps) from Bedford MK that I have used as a ground sheet for some years now, which have proved an ideal match for the 1950s original that I am copying. I have now run out and need some more slightly worn canvas in dark green and also in olive drab (or near) colour for the wartime ones. Can anyone help? It takes about 2 square metres for each cover. Any old damaged tent covers will be perfect as new canvas of this w
  4. Hi Diesel1 Yes. Chris Goulding and I have a stand at Stoneleigh. We are a couple of retired engineers who share a common interest in military vehicle restoration, especially the manufacture and development of realistic looking and feeling legal GPMG. 30cal and 50cal replicas. We have stand 123, which is a corner plot, straight ahead from the main entrance.
  5. Oh...I also just found a box of fire extinguisher brackets (the narrow type). Second-hand take offs but many in good condition. Any use?
  6. Try Stoneleigh on the 3rd February. There will be 30 cal, 50 cal and GPMG available. I have a surplus co-ax GPMG that will be perfect for Sabre or Fox that will be there. Have you got a radio set-up for your Sabre? I have a complete installation that would suit Fox or Sabre. It has correct radio tray with 4 rail mounts and 4 x anti-vibration rubbers, 2 x Clansman VRC 353s in working order, 2 x TUAMs + ARFATs and a pair of very rare genuine Racal TUAM+ARFAT handed mounting brackets for Fox turret, lots of connecting cables, 2 x NOS Racal aerial mounts, 3 section aerials, commander's
  7. Here is a photo of the AFV group fitting my barrel into Saladin number 2 at W&P Beltring in July 2009. The breech ring was fitted by manual effort later. We didn't have a breech support attachment but it's not a big lift for 2 people.
  8. Hi Steve, Progress PM sent. Jon
  9. Hi Donegalpatrol, Here are a couple of pics just sent by Andy of the L37A2 convertible I made for Scimitar. L43 is similar but has a barrel bearing. Electric solenoid for Scorpion is missing as Scimitar is different. Jon
  10. Welcome 1943ht. My ideal vehicle. I have wanted one of these ever since I saw one being used to push scrap in a yard near Skegness in the 1960s.. How great to see a fantastic restoration of an M16 in its original paintwork. I have had the privilege of driving Andrew Baker's M16 a number of times around the arena at 'Tanks Trucks and Firepower' and have always wanted the opportunity to make some proper realistic replicas to complete this fantastic vehicle. Sadly it is now being sold/exchanged to a new owner. However, I have managed to acquire a set of 4 electric solenoids fo
  11. I have just taken 3 more photos of bits from my stores to illustrate some of the differences in s-h parts available for special variants. Picture 1 shows an early (round boss) type top cover with some slight wear rubbing. Many of these have almost no black anodising remaining. Others have 'squad markings' or restricted function colours. Like the price tag from some years ago now. Wish I could find them at that price nowadays. The pistol grip frame and trigger guard are similar, as are most of the plastic grips. The top carry handle is current British army type and comes in alumi
  12. I agree. There doesn't seem much point in making a replica if you can tell it from the real thing. I found a picture of my 50 Cal. gunboat prototype for 'Dunkirk' and one of a finished 50 Cal. that was used on the boat in an anti-aircraft role for the Sandwich 40's weekend. There was a 20mm Poulsen, three Lewis Guns and my 50 Cal. all making a lot of noise...great. The other two 50 Cals. shown on the boat were also made be me. The mount was made by a local blacksmith. The third picture is an 'empty shell' 50 Cal. and mount made to complete the weaponry on a mates Alvis prototyp
  13. Hi Yeoman. I have at least 4 off 1155 receivers and 2 x 1154 transmitters in my stores. Also I believe there is a well made more modern mains power unit. All of which are for sale as I am now downsizing my collection. Note that 1155 (and some 1154) sets were used in many ground, air and sea roles during WW2. The real aircraft ones are worth more money. Look for the aluminium casing as well as the A M plate on the front. PS I also counted at least 20 off 19 sets, all with power packs, dog bone and ATU and piles of accessories. Plus 4 or 5 Larkspur backpack sets, all differe
  14. Hi Steve. The GPMG on D&B website is one of the best I have made. Even the transport box is a replica of the correct British army issue. The cost represents the work involved in sourcing, purchasing and manufacturing all the parts needed together with the many hours of assembly, fitting and finishing the replica to a realistic finish, and even D&B have to make a profit. You should always see and handle goods of this price range as photos and descriptions do not always give the full story. A good test is to see if it fits in the vehicle mount you use. I know my ones fit
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