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Looking for a good picture of the drive mechanism of a Cromwell...

Old Git

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...without the sprocket. From what I can tell from the drawings I've been studying it appears to be some form of elliptical cone which attaches to a casing that holds the gear wheel and pinion. Has anyone got any pics that shows this gubbins, front and rear?


Thanks in Advance



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It was late so thing dont get explained fully, or a picture that should be attached isn't.


Here's the drawing I'm working from. As you can see the sprocket is mounted on some form of 'cone' gubbins, which in turn is mounted on a housing, sandwiched between the 'vehicle outer side plate' and the 'vehicle inner side plate', for the gear wheel and pinion. It is this 'cone' and housing that I'm interested in. Obviously the rear of the housing has two overlapping, holes machined in it to take the gear wheel and pinion whilst permitting them to mesh. But it is the front that of the housing and 'cone' that has me somewhat stumped. From this drawing it would appear that they have machined down one side of the 'cone' to provide clearance for external access to the pinion. But I'd really like to get a clearer picture of what it actually looks like, in the flesh as it were, so if anyone has any really, good clear pictures of this 'cone' and housing with the 'outer side plates' removed then I'd be most grateful for a looksee?




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That's fantastic Adrian, thankyou! I wasn't sure if they'd machined it down or cast it with a flat already in it. That picture answers quite a few questions for me but if anyone's got a picture of it in situ I'd still like to see it, just to get an view of the overall shape of the housing.


Once again Adrian, thanks a lot mate!!

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