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RAF Land Rover Series 1 Airfield Lighting Maintenance Van FV18003/ FV18005 Ambulance

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has anyone got any pictures of a FV18003 Ladder van Land Rover, I have one published in Land Rover World but it's black & white, I could really do with a colour one, it looks like it's yellow with black wings, anyone remember them.


Also after pictures of the FV18005 Ambulance, found some on the RAF mountain rescue website but could still do with some more detailed pics.




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That has also been my quest for many years, I did think like you, but the more old colour footage I see the more I am torn between B & Y and red & white-- I found some old Lyneham footage with red & white chequed follow me Landies. I have the data book leaf but that again is BW

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The book  "Quarter Ton"  by  Pat Ware  (Warehouse publications  1996)

Unless other 'in-service' pics with veracity turn up - that may give changes.

Page  125 shows a FV18003   (side on view)  . States - apparently  134 supplied , in 1955 ,   under contract  21227.

Poor quality photograph.  It does indicate to me  Yellow hard-top inc. roof ,  doors yellow , bonnet yellow , the remainder seems to be black.

Page  124   has quite a good photograph (good front + side view) of a  FV18005  mountain rescue ambulance..  One of  24 similar supplied to RAF during  1955 & 1957. Author suspects pic from first contract.  must be all RAF -arch to to roof gutter).

Page 123 has some info.    Truck  ,  1/4 ton.  CL/GS, ambulance, 2 stretcher.  Rover Mk.4,  107" WB.

Mentions details of coachworks,   also states  -  This vehicle was occasionally also described as  'truck,  1/4 ton,  CL/GS,  4X4 , ambulance special'


NB.  The photographs in book all seem period official - ministry.


ISTR many years ago a article in a Rover mag. has pics & details of one that had turned up in a sad state for resto.

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"British Military Land Rovers" by James Taylor and Geoff Fletcher includes, on page 29, what I would guess is the same photo of the FV 18003 referred to by others above. The caption notes that "the light areas of paint may have been in yellow to aid visibility", so no further forward on that front.  But the text adds that 18 of these vehicles appear to have been delivered against contract 6/Veg/21227.  The Annex to the Chapter in question gives the chassis number serials of all of these.  The text also notes that the vehicles appear to have been fitted with a standard civilian hard top with a top hinged flap above a drop down tailgate.

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Thanks for the input. I have read the related section on “British Military Land Rovers” but found it rather unreliable or incorrect. The Airfield Lighting Maintenance Mark 3 I own (FV18003) was delivered against Cont. No. 6/VEH/13840 (therefore a different contract than the one highlighted in the book). Moreover the chassis number does not fall within the range specified by the book’s annex at the back of the chapter. If the annex is correct my chassis number falls under another contract (it’s number is not available) with vehicle registration between 52 AA 48 and 54 AA 24 (I cannot confirm this as my  contract plate is missing unfortunately).

From light observation, the only evident colours beneath the current paint are RAF blue and yellow. I only just received the Land Rover but indeed I am finding this discussion quite interesting. Look forward to more insight into this variation of the Rover 3!

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Unfortunately, I don't have time these days to do an in depth search of the record cards. But if anyone can give me some reg numbers I can pull those cards (if they survive!) and tell you what is listed in the colour entry.

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