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Austin K5 over charging problem

Ian L

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Hi Guys I took the K5 out for a 40 run on Thursday & she boiled the battery through overcharging.

Theres a N.O.S voltage regulator type CAV 75BT-19X on ebay for £70 is that a good price ?

Cant find a CAV DBNB-137 Dynamo yet but I may not need one anyway, could do with a set of brushes though.

I want her back on the road for 28th-29th as our club has a couple of runs on.

Cheer Ian

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Before you go mad and spend money(!) try checking the regulator first. To be fair, unlike the Lucas counterparts, they are a tad fiddly. But if you want to give it a go I am happy to scan the appropriate info and email you the pdf.

Hi Paul thanks for the offer of help, I know the Regulator is faulty as its over charging which is why I asked about the price on ebay, the dynamo must be ok by elimination as its charging but I do need some brushes.


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