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7th December 1941


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No only is the anniversary, but it is the 65th Anniversary. Probably one of the most significant days in the history of the free world and not a word in the media about it.


Mind you, I'm sure this weeks football results will be headline news or the latest so say celebrity to leave the jungle on I'm a Celebrity get me out of here will be front page. What a society we live in.


I think if it wasn't for people like ourselves on HMVF and the like and the RBL, keeping the memory alive, our country would be allowed to get away with event less.


Maybe a sobering thought, but none the less.





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Well it's well documented that Churchill, whilst not exactly pleased, was greatly comforted by the fact that the US would now be entering the war fully and as such would represent a very strong ally for us. Some theorists have even speculated that the impending threat to Pearl was suspected by British but not mentioned as it was known what the longterm outcome would be :-o

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