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Digging the Great Escape


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I thought the program really brought home just how much guts it must have taken to dig those tunnels. They would have known the danger of a cave-ins before starting and sand must have been constantly trickling in through the gaps, even in the good parts.


As to their attempts to dig into Harry, I wonder if Channel 4 insisted on that for dramatic effect, as it was doomed to failure given todays 'self and hasty' regs. A better idea would have been to push a small tube in from the shaft and put a camera in, they could have afforded a few misses that way.

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Good programme, but would have liked to have seen less about the doomed attempt at Harry and more about what they actually found in George.


Assuming they had some sort of financial budget to stick to, they wasted an awful lot of it on that big excavation. Should have asked Phil Harding from Timeteam, he's good with little holes :D


One thing I did notice, the female archeologist who was there at the start of the project seemed to have disappeared after the first lot of adverts. I wonder if she got the gooner because she disagreed with the big hole idea?

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