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Hug anyone?


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Anyone have any information on 'Hug' trucks used by the US. i stumbled across few pictures but cant find any real information (as per usual).

From what i can find the wrecker variant is known as a 51-6, while the cargo is a 50-1.

any info is much appreciated




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The most info you'll find is in Fred Crismon's US MILITARY WHEELED VEHICLES, but then it looks like that may be where you got those images...


If you wanted to ask around, I'd try the ATHS Forum for that sort of thing;



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After war broke out in Europe Hug built eight of the Model 50-6 cargo trucks, 6x6 7Y2-tonners powered by Hercules engines and generally resembling the Marmon­-Herringtons of the period. These went overseas under Lend-Lease. After 1939 the number of giant truck models was reduced, and Hug built a series of highway trucks looking identical to the 1941 round-nosed Reos since they bought sheet metal from Reo. Most of these were sold to the Pet Milk Co which, over many years, had bought a total of 177 trucks from Hug. The last Hug truck left the factory on June 10th 1942, ending a 20-year production run of 4,014 units, including about 50 trailers. Hugs were widely distributed, being sold in 41 states and 7 foreign countries including Mexico and South America.

Lifted from coachbuild.com


Picture of wrecker shows it was fitted with early Garwood crane with manual Luffing and slewing

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Any ideas on if those lend-leased went to the UK or the USSR?


if there is still outstanding moneys owing they went to Russia.

True answer dont know but they looked a nice truck all those bonneted trucks of that ilk looked and sat right and looked like business machines.

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