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I appear to have inadvertantly.........


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............bought another Marshall Ambulance!!


Good grief, they're breeding!! :wow:


This chap is 06FL52, same contract code as the other one - WV10634, but the batch serial number in this case is 1040/01!!! First of the batch! :-D


My other beastie, 06FL90 is 1040/35.


I'm tempted to refurbish this one to original spec................ My pennance for turning the other one into a camper! I may still use it for spares though, its been well robbed, however it is in generally good, solid condition, a 2.25D has been hacked in (and don't mention the wiring).


Any pics/memories of my new acquisition?


I'll put off for the BMIHT Cert and the B Vehicle Data Card out of interest regardless tho.



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08 FL 52 is a cousin to yours and ended its lfe here in Canada at BATUS were it was struck off likely about 20 years ago.


It was purchased by a local who did lots and nothing to it all at the same time. In the end the body went one way and the chasis the other down the highway after his passing.


I was commisioned to make a Tamiya 1/35 scale model of the vehicle when in his ownership. That has since come back to me from his executor.



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