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Been finding a lot of US manuals from WW2 to present. Some really weird stuff and a heap of specific stuff. Some of these may be of use:









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I got around a 1000 so mainly digging through the WW2 stuff


some are a bit big.... some are of dubious posting as some newer manuals like for Willys and weapons blueprints from ww2 (I doubt copyright but doubt appropriate) but most the mil docs are marked ok for public release even interregation techniques so if you want to know what your spouse got you for Christmas I can send the book :D










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By astral are we talking sun compass or stars also?


c. Star Method.



(1) Less than 60 of approximately 5,000 stars visible

to the eye are used by navigators. The stars seen as we

look up at the sky at night are not evenly scattered across

the whole sky. Instead they are in groups called




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I am glad they have some use. If I find something specific to someones rebuild I send them to the guys if possible.


Nice book on Canadian tank building during ww2 also a lot of tactics books from ww2. Newer stuff are items like operators manual for a Chinook and NATO field surgery (depends what I use in the search engine).


The interogation manual was 10.2 Mb so I could not post here so in summary to find out what your spouse got you for Christmas "you should build rapport with them, if that dont work ascertain their breaking point" :cool2:

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the sun dial navigation has got me stumped thus far :embarrassed:


Cooking, got 2, I can post and the other 3 are between 11 and 24Mb (so can email if required - Pastry Baking, Preparation and Serving of Special Food Items and Basic Food Preparation)





and some other interesting ones, I just found but cant post:


M60A2 Tank Maintenance 23.2 Mb

US Army mechanic course - Maintenance of Wheeled Vehicle M998 (HMMWV)

M551 APC Maint I really like this one, 93 Mb :D Any of these ever been restored?

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:wow: this is getting addictive as found more WW2 stuff, so will attach what I can and name the rest if anyone wants (I think I may have mined the place out as nearly 2000 pdf's now)












TRUCK, CARGO, TACTICAL, 1-1/4 TON, 4x4, M1008 (2 volumes 16Mb each) I cant recall someone just bought one of these???


20170042-1942-Technical-Manual-TM-9-1710-Half-Track (23Mb)





20170234-1944-Technical-Manual-TM-9-834-Vehicular-General-Purpose-Unit-Equipment (11Mb)





20180089-1941-Technical-Manual-TM-9-879-Harley-Davidson-WLA (19Mb)





20180475-1942-Technical-Manual-TM-9-705-Scout-Car (28Mb)





20181242-1951-Technical-Manual-TM-9-1804A-Engine-Willys-L-134 (15Mb)





20184693-1942-Technical-Manual-TM-9-726-Light-Tank-M-3-Stuart (29Mb)





20185312-1944-Technical-Manual-TM-9-808-3-4-Ton-4X4-Dodge-Truck (19Mb)





29610475-TM-9-1825a-Delco-Remy-Electrical-Repair-Manual-WW2 (23Mb)





28563890-War-Department-Technical-Manual-Tm-9-392-4-5-Inch-Multiple-Rocket-Launchers-t66-and-t66e2-july-1945 (26Mb)





Technical Manual TM 9-726 Light Tank M3 (Stuart) (29Mb)





Technical Manual TM 9-816 4- to 5-Ton 4x4 Tractor Truck (Autocar Model U-7144T) (21Mb) this is five 10 Mb RAR files





23398377-Tm-9-285-SHOTGUNS-ALL-TYPES-1942 (13Mb)




Technical Manual TM 9-721 Heavy Tanks M6 and M6A1 (10Mb)


Edited by fesm_ndt
More armour Technical Manual TM 9-721 Heavy Tanks M6 and M6A1
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