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ferret insurance



just had my quote from cherished vehicle insurance,

full comp, 3 named drivers, limited mileage, but doesn't say

what the limited mileage is.

for £123.27 this include's £20 for accident manager which is optional, so forget that

call it £103.27 is that good, or can you do better ?

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[Does this include any no claims discount on this policy ? /QUOTE]


I have my "normal" car insurance with another company (not sure why...don't ask), so I am not even sure if my NCD counts when I insure the Ferret and Landy through Footman James...but thats £100 ish (+ whatever the Landy is going to cost).

To give you an idea...my insurance runs out end of Jan 2011, I phoned them beginning of December to add the Landrover 101, they quoted another £28, which included a £20 admin fee to add it (fair enough)...so 2 months insurance for £8....initially thought they were joking!

Updated certificate arrived next day.

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Well I have just renewed with Cherished Vehicles fully comp for a Pig, a Shorland, 2 Wolves & Cipher trailer total agreed value £40,958 for £412.50


I know there is a £20 accident management fee, which is probably worth it as I am undergoing a claim at the moment. The new 110 Wolf is 4" taller than the 90 & as a result I don't see quite so much out of the rear window. As a consequence I reversed it into a car that I couldn't see, so now have twin reversing cameras!

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