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I'm posting this thread just to get the opinion of you all, who made the best military vehicles be it armour or softskin, whats better was it British U.S or Eastern block ? in the words of Harry Hill "theres only one way to find out FIGHT !!!!!!!"

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I like the CVR(T+W) series, I 'served' in them, but has anyone got any pictures of aluminium 'armour' that has been struck by any sort of anti-armour round. I remember seeing a graph of aluminium 'armour' resistance, I suppose you would call it, compared to steel armour, but the bottom scale of the graph wasn't thickness, it was weight! :-)

Devious, I remember thinking at the time!

Has any CVR(T) been'hit' in anger? RPG in Afghanistan maybe? OPSEC taken into consideration, of course.:(

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