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Sight Identification please?

robin craig


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Looks like a British image-intensifier tube / night sight - probably Gen1 - on an AFV periscope mount, that narrows it down a lot! Probably not Warrior, so 432 or CVR(T)? (guess: the latter)


A clearer shot of the NSN would let someone look it up...



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Hi Robin


I have several of these. They are a variant of the Chieftain MBT periscope and will not fit CVRT or CVRW. They have a different viewing angle, preumably because the driver is lying down more. The complete viewing fixture is different with prism and rubber eyepiece being at quite the wrong angle.


I have just cannibalised one to repair a CVRT one. The image intensifier is the same, as is the iris mechanism and the objective fitting. The small frame of the heated viewing screen is slightly different shape but will fit with a bit of modification with a hacksaw! The outer objective hood and CVRT/CVRW fitting is interchangeable with the Cheiftain ones.




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