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My 2010 Season in Pictures

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It's been another busy year up here in the North East, although some of the years events were out of the area. As in previous years, I've picked out a couple of pictures from each event to give a brief overview of my busy year. I've clocked up almost 1700 MV miles, plus another 1200 miles towing the Jeep long distances.


There were some expected and unexpected expenses at the start of 2010. I bought some bar grip tyres for the Jeep in January, but discovered a fuel tank leak when fitting them, so needed a new tank. I also had to replace the brake light switch early on, and this has just failed again! Mid year, I had a few ignition problems with the old Hotchkiss distributor, and decided to finally splash out on an electronic ignition unit, something I'd been meaning to do for some time. The extra heat from the more powerful spark cause some problems initially with bending electrodes on the Champion plugs until I put some NGK plugs in.


Yorkshire MVT Crank Up - April 18th




Durham Tees Valley MVT Crank Up - April 25th




Elvington Wheels & Wings Show - May 7~9th




Blyth Battery at War - May 23rd




100th Bomb Group Museum, Thorpe Abbotts - June 5th




493rd Bomb Group Museum, Debach, open weekend - June 6th




Great North Fly-In, Eshott Airfield - June 19/20th




Breighton Airfield 1940's Weekend - July 17/18th




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At the start of August, our local MVT group held its first event at Croft Circuit which was a great success. The mix of MV's, classic car racing and flying displays was well received, and the circuit received many phone calls after the event from those who really enjoyed the weekend. It was very well received, and as a result, we will be holding the event again in 2011. Dates are most likely to be August 6/7th, and should be confirmed in the next week or so. Details here - http://www.croftmilitary.co.uk/


In early August, I was a little bit gutted when Bodge said he had decided to sell the Dodge. Our joint 100th Bomb Group display was suddenly going to be somewhat depleted. During my weekend down at Rougham in the middle of the month, a few of the guys said the price was fair, and it would be a shame for someone to buy it and turn it back to green. So; during my trip back North, I set the wheels in motion to buy the truck myself. This would also mean I would have a larger vehicle to carry around all our camping gear and my daughter and all her stuff, as this was never all going to fit in the Jeep and Jeep trailer!


Croft Circuit Nostalgia Weekend ( our MVT groups first show ) - August 7/8th




94th Bomb Group Museum, Rougham Airshow - August 14/15th






NE MV Club show at the Durham Light Infantry Museum - August 29/30th




RAF Leeming Family Day - September 11th




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From September onwards, it was the Dodge that made most of the trips out, wanting to make the most of it before the season ended and trying to get as much work done before the weather and dark nights closed in.


So, it's been an expensive season, that has seen me go from a Jeep owner to an MV collector, but a very enjoyable season that the whole family has also enjoyed.


I hope everyone else had a great 2010.


Returning Home with the Dodge - September 4th




NE Aircraft Museum Heritage Day - September 12th




Washington Heritage Day - September 18th





North Yorkshire Moors Railway Wartime Weekend - October 16th




Bowes Railway Open Day - October 24th




Sedgefield Help for Heroes Day - November 13th



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Here's a couple more pictures from today. With over 10 inches of snow cleared off the cars and drive in the last 24 hours, I couldn't resist going out in the Jeep. So I made the 11 mile round trip to the farm to check on the Dodge. The snow over there wasn't as bad as home, with only about 4 to 6 inches on the driveway of the farm where these pictures were taken. Still, the whole trip was in four wheel drive as all the local roads, and even the motorway, was covered in snow, with motorway speeds a staggering 30 to 35mph! It wasn't until I set off home that the snow started hammering down again, and by the time I had driven the 5 miles home, my normal car was under another 2 to 3 inches of snow!





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