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Jane's Armour and Artillery Upgrades 1995-96


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Just bought a cheap copy of this book.. will interesting to see how many of the upgrades were ever implemented.. should be delivered in the next couple of days.


Jane's Armour and Artillery Upgrades 1995-96 [Hardcover]


Christopher F. Foss (Editor), Tony Cullen (Editor)

Hardcover: 655 pages

Publisher: Jane's Information Group; 8th edition edition (July 1995)

Language English

ISBN-10: 0710612559

ISBN-13: 978-0710612557

Product Dimensions: 32.4 x 22.2 x 3.8 cm. This guide to cost-effective upgrades shows how to upgrade obsolescent equipment to modern specifications for less than 70% of the cost of new vehicles. Detailed information is provided on over 300 manufacturers worldwide. Specifications, capabilities and compatabilities of almost every retrofit system available or under development, may be compared. Each entry provides a description of the system and its development history, specifications, status and the manufacturer's address and telephone number.

Table of Contents

Armoured fighting vehicle armament: weapons of 20mm upward; list of coaxial machine guns; vehicle mounted anti-tank guided weapons; automatic loaders and flick rammers. Ammunition. Armoured fighting vehicle protection: armour systems; smoke dischargers, grenades and decoys; laser detectors; fire detection and suppression. AFV engines, transmissions and powerpacks. Mobility: tracks; suspensions. AFV turrets and cupolas. Weapon control and stabilization systems. AFV fire-control systems. Land navigation systems. AFV optics: driver day and night vision systems; laser rangefinders; commanders' and gunners' day and night observation and sighting systems.

Excellent copy of this hard to find, well illustrated book.

Book is in undamaged, near new condition.

All pages are crisp and clean.

RRP £215.

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Jammy S*D! :-D Amazon do have a link to various private sellers, who can obtain out of print and old books. Sometimes very cheap. I've got several books through the service.

There's a later edition here.. bit too hot for me :shocked:


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Yes always worth collecting if they are cheap enough but the postage is a killer. Dealers often price them reasonably because of the weight they can be difficult to shift.


I like to collect different editions of the same book as there are always significant changes, I only have 3 editions your book, but so far have 19 consecutive editions of Jane's Weapon Systems.

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Not bad for a series started by a Vicar! :-D


Vicar? Are you talking about the founder Fred T.Jane born in 1865? Never seen any reference to that, the company site describe him as a naval author, journalist & novelist & linked to the formation of MI5.


He went to the same school as me, although I was there quite a few years later:D



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