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MV's in Europe......


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Lloyd believes that Sundays are for pondering :shock: so here is a Sunday ponder;




I am not sure on this but I think I am safe in saying that there must be many thousands of WW2 MV’s over on mainland Europe. When these were released from the relevant countries, where did they all go? I know a great deal were sold to the dealers and then sold on to third parties, did they then go in to the hands of private collectors who understood and realised the importance of this rolling history and just new that they had to be preserved?




I would imagine a great deal were put to work in a commercial sense, or were they? If you owned a modern business would you really want 50 year old technology that is slow and expensive to run? I know I wouldn’t.


So the questions are;


How many of these MV’s are just standing around on mainland Europe, deteriorating by the day?


Are there any in the old Eastern block countries?


Were they scrapped after the war?


Are we doing enough to rescue and preserve these vehicles?


Because we know that there are ‘thousands’ out there are we being rather short sighted and lacking vision by being complacent enough to think ‘ they will always be there so no worries someone will rescue them’ ………….isn’t this the same thought disease that we had with our aircraft?


Is it just mainly US vehicles left over on the continent?



Surely it is our duty to rescue and restore as many vehicles as we can, to ensure that future generations know and understand this vital part of our history. I am not saying that we all have to own more than one vehicle, what I am saying is that it is our responsibility to inspire and encourage as many people as we can to join the cause.




Aren’t we all just history teachers?

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There are enthusiasts and collectors in all the European countries as there is worldwide,the last country which seems to shedding vehicles is Norway

but I think perhaps our Netherlands members know more about this subject ,Iam sure you have seen pics on the CCKW site.

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They got sold off real cheap. Champs, Land Rovers & Humbers would sell in late 1960s for about £80 at auction then sold on:




Then they ended up like this appaling derelict seen 2 years ago




I have to admit it, but that is in my garden, I've been nicking bits out of it for the other 3 humbers. It looks a bit worse now the roof has caved in. But the axles are still there, just the thing for someone with a broken pig axle, going very cheap!

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