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Ferret power pack lifting frame

robin craig

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Here are pictures of the frame we made according to the drawings in the EMERS but substituting some materials but staying faithful to the dimensions which DO matter. We have a shop policy that if we have a remote chance of doing something more than once we will make the tooling and do it properly. As the Union Jack Collection has two Ferrets that possibility exists, and now I have two Ferrets of my own I can use work's tooling!


Also please remember, we are employees and I am a supervisor so I have a responsibility under workplace law to do it correctly, no matter we do.


The yellow pictures are the same frame but cleaned up and painted to our now standard yellow for any maintenance tool that is a shop not CES item.


The last one shows it in use


Hope it helps someone




shop things 012.jpg

shop things 013.jpg

robin camera 015.jpg

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Nicely done.


There was a drawing for a seperate frame to remove the gearbox. Nigel Wolek had one made up when he owned the Ferret I used to have. With this in mind should the engine lifting frame be used with the gearbox attached? I suspect the engine would sit level if the gearbox were to be removed?

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Yes I have seen something on the gearbox frame.


The manuals show the power pack coming out on just about the same angle which it needs to do to clear. Anyone who has done this knows that it is devilshly tight hence the trunnion caps have to come off.


Thanks for the compliments, but its just basic fabrication from a drawing and a splash of paint.



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