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finally managed to gain access:D:D

anyway tam jones from scotland ex-air force:nut:

we all have our cross to bear, many interests

main one is car boot sales,:-):-) but when I can

I go to vintage rallies, and display 1 of my 3

80watt charging sets. 1 day I maybe able to

have all 3 running but trying to find spares

now getting harder, at 1 time I was able to

aquire them from green spark plug company

but they have none left, so if anyone knows of

any please let me know, I also do a bit of electrical

repairs in my spare time, and the odd watch repair

married, 5 kids, to many grandkids LOL, and not even

56 yet, but since find your site have spent a few

hours browsing all the interesting posts, again many thanks

and hope to post a lot more tvtam1

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welcome to the forum tam, hope you get your gensets up and running, if you want anymore just let me know as i bought 4 3kw gensets from withams auction recently thinking they were 240v ac but when i picked them up they were 28v dc. doh ! :D

you can't win'em all



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