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Brian Freer


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Thgis morning Ben Freer (n.p.timber) rang me with the news I did not want to hear.


His Father Brian had been battling Cancer for some time but sadly passed away last night, at home, surrounded by his family.


Many will have known Brian who has saved and restored countless vehicles, (Civvy and Military) over the years, and who has been a regular attender at rallies for years.


Other will know of him from Maurice Sanders books on timber hauling and mud plugging.


Andi and I would like to express our condolences to Ben, Joe, and the rest of the family at this sad time.


I last saw Brian at Rushden Cavalcade 2010, where he was laughing and joking as usual.


He was saying there that He had decided to have the snip, (at the age of 70!!) because seeing how his lads had turned out he didn't want to have any more!!!


Brian insisted that Ben, Joe and James should go to GDSF even though his time was short, Fortunately they left in time to share his last hours.


I have many happy memories of Brian and I will allways remember his wicked smile.


R.I.P. Brian

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