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Question: Legality of importing 9M113 Spandrel AT-5 tubes

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I have been told that it's illeagal to import used missile tubes into the UK, even when empty.


I have been offered some 9M113 tubes from a chap in Hungary who says it's ok.


Has anyone any experience of doing this?


Clearly the tube is not a firearm or leathal barrelled weapon, but would Customs see it that way?


Not sure how you'd get a deact inert missile imported either?


No answers to a similar question I posted on B.O.C.N. :undecided:


They are for my BRDM-2 by the way :D

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Is it just an empty storage tube? If it has any active part in the system, then customs may well get ansty. How are you going toi get them over? The problem may be if a tube has contained a missle, then you have explosive residue. Even microscopic amounts. I know to my grief, having had some fun after shooting at the range in UK . I hadn't washed my hands before driving back home. A couple of days later I took a day trip via the Chunnel to Belgium. On the way back French Police swabbed the steering wheel. They were very plesant asking me why the swab had reacted, but several heavily armed French Police (including one stunning blonde female) were in the vicinity.

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I brought back all my targets from a shooting range in the US, all shot at close range, indoors with full auto machine guns, in the hold luggage... I wasn't sure if they'd be ok but no problem.


I think the tubes constitute either:


Section 5 (1) (ae) any rocket launcher, or any mortar, for projecting a stabilised missile, other than a launcher or mortar designed for line-throwing or pyrotechnic purposes or as signalling apparatus;




Section 5 (1A) © any launcher or other projecting apparatus not falling within paragraph (ae) of that subsection which is designed to be used with any rocket or ammunition falling within paragraph (b) above or with ammunition which would fall within that paragraph but for its being ammunition falling within paragraph © of that subsection;



Quite what happens if I just make a dummy tube from drainage pipe is another matter... Have I manufactured a launcher or a 'realistic imitation' both of which could be deemed illeagal, where as a deactivated real launch tube would be ok!


Trouble is how do you deactivate a length of pipe in such a way that cannot be readily reverted to original function, since I would guess a launch tube would probably still function with holes or slots cut in it.

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Theres the problem. If 'They' wanted to dig hard enough you could have a hard time.

the definitions especially under the Avation & Maratime Saftey act, are very broad and loose.


what ever you do someone could say right equally someone could say wrong.


Gun dog trials and trainers use a luncher that works off a blank .22 cartridge to throw a dummy for the dog. The firearm laws go into an inticate description of spigots and diamiters to make these legal. Yet if you put tube over it, you'd have a baton round gun.

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