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Newbee in southern uk,

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Hi there, my names doug and iam a newbee in southern uk, hampshire, down near salisbury plain home of the armys training grounds.

Ive been a fan of military soft and hard ware since i was small and have had the pleasure of operating her majestys green kit in the 80s (golden years for kit before change over to 'foreign' based kit), iam now interested in whats going on out there in restoration land...:-):-)

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Hi Doug, and welcome, from another post-war vehicle fanatic, and saracen owner....I'd love to take it up on the plain someday soon!..... all I want now is a Ferret, a Stalwart, a Saladin, and a nice Mk2 FV432....and then if there's any room left a nice Centurion....:-D:cool2:


I'm not too far from the plain...I'm down in Hythe, Southampton, my Saracen is stored in Chandlers Ford


Here's my Saracen, as it is now, and how it was before I restored it.....

83 BA 78 in Arena Overlord 2009.jpg

07 May 03 Before Restoration #2.jpg

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