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buying an fv432


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theres alot of fv432 for sale at very low prices - i have a friend who drove them in Germany who used to be in the grenadier guards so I have a driver ;) but if anyone has any tips on what to look out for on a running example pls let me know as Im viewing a number of them this weekend




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Buy one that's road registered & owner holds the V5... if you buy one that's not then you won't be driving it on the road, they can no longer be registered for use on the road...


ouch i didnt realise that - good tip lol


did u get ny pm btw?

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ta :) what a shame you cant register them anymore ;( not too bad as these are registered but still its not good - what law change was that?


I don't believe there has been a change in the law. As I understand it, no FV432 should ever have been registered for road use because they have always been too wide.


Those that have been registered were done so in error because staff working for DVLA were un aware of the position of tracked vehicles over 2.55M wide.


They have over the years realised the situation, and are now, generally, refusing to register any more but you might still find a local office where the staff are prepared to register one, because the information has not yet trickled down to them, but if that were to happen the registration would not be lawful, and could be revoked at any time.


Buying a FV432 that has already been registered does not mean its use on the road is lawful.


It is the owners responsiblity to ensure his vehicle is correctly registered, and if you run a vehicle that had been registered in error, you are breaking the law. Not only is it the responsibility is on the owner to ensure a vehicle he is using is registered in the correct category, it is also his responsibility to ensure that it either complies with "Construction and Use" regs, or can be run legally under "Special Types General Orders "authorisation.


I do not believe FV432 complies with "Construction and Use" Regs, nor is it able to fit any STGO category, (unless it is genuinely used for most of the time off-Road in connection with Forestry, Horticulture or Agriculture and is therefore a wide Agricultural vehicle, which for most FV432's isn't the case.)


If you commit money to buying an FV432 you also run the risk of someone twigging that it has been incorrectly registered and having the registration revoked, and you will be stuck with a tracked vehicle that can only be low-loaded to shows.


Not a very good position.


My advice would be to stay away from any FV432, registered or not, because they are, and always have been too wide for road use.


Should you be involved in an accident, and the Police realise you are using an overwidth vehicle, it is anyones guess where that might lead. You are putting a vehicle on the road that isn't allowed to be used there.

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