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Good Morning,


Just a short note to intruduce myself......


I'm Barrie Richards, from Pontypool in South Wales [u.K.], and as per usual, being Wales, its raining !


My interests include Off-Roading, Green Radios and Military Vehicles and I currently drive a LandRover 90 and a Ford M151A1 MUTT. I also have a Hotchkiss M201 under restoration. The collection is finished off with a M416 trailer.


Over the years I have chased many reports of abandonned and disused tanks and armoured vehicles, alas all to no avail. Hopefully one day I will find something hidden in a barn or under a hedgerow ! But I'm not holding my breath......




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Airportable & co,


Thanks for the greetings.


My LandRover 90 is pure civilian spec. Its originally a 1985 '90 but has been totally rebuilt onto a galvanised chassis with 300tdi engine and gearbox. Has about 20k on the clock since its re-incarnation.


My MUTT is fitted with a RT246 radio set, the correct VHF set for its period and which is able to communicate with Clansman gear. It is a regular vehicle on the S.Wales show circuit.


The M201 is slowly being restored, fingers crossed on the road, later this summer. Hopefully it will be fitted with some period French radio gear. I already have a French GRC-9 and power supply waiting together with a French PRC10.


Thanks, again


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