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Value of these badges


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Difficult to say without actually seeing them. So many badges have been faked (Especially German) & there are so many, it would take a little while to ACCURATELY assess what you have. Did you pay a lot for them? :nut:

If you come & find me at W&P, I can give you a more accurate Appraisal.


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:nut:The badges are genuine items including the German ones:cool2: the person who sold them to me at a fair price.


The seller is known to me and he is 60 something and it was his fathers collection from the 50,s Yes i know there are some recent ones in there before someone jumps on me for selling Queens crowns for WW2:D


I dont intend to sell it as i find it an interesting collection, but im wondering how to display them or just leave them in a tin for my son:nut::-D



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